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Tidying and cleaning the entrance hall

Just as the yard, house, room or kitchen needs constant tidying and cleaning, it is also necessary to tidy up the entrance and clean it intensively. Mycleaner offers both one-time and long-term cleaning of building entrances.

Tidying-cleaning company Cleaner.ge  offers hallway tidying-cleaning.

Contact us: Tel:  +995 574 20 00 99     Email Mail:  info@cleaner.ge    Address:  N13, Gamrekeli str., Tbilisi

Services include:

  1. Cleaning the main entrance of the building.
  2. Cleaning of all floors and stairwells and railings
  3. Cleaning the elevator
  4. 4. Dry removal of dust from railings, walls and ceiling.
  5. Cleaning of stairs and stairwells.

In the case of long-term contractual services, a discount applies.