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General tidying-cleaning

Cleaning company Cleaner.ge  offers general cleaning.

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1. Floor and carpet cleaning

2. Cleaning the plinths

3. Taking dust from lamps and chandeliers

4. Cleaning the walls from dirt

5. Cleaning windows, window sills, glass and frames

6. Dusting from cornices

7. Removing dust from the air conditioner

8. Cleaning the doors

9. Cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces

10. Dust removal from the accessories placed in the room

11. Interior and exterior cleaning of furniture (if you want this service, please note that the furniture is delivered to us free of charge)

12. Maintenance and treatment of leather furniture with special means

13. Cleaning soft furniture with a vacuum cleaner

14. Dust removal from household appliances

15. Cleaning of taps, sinks and toilets

16. Grinding the tile

17. Scraping-cleaning of grass

18. Shower and bath washing

19. Washing the trash can

20. Garbage removal – no more than 10 kg

21. Replacing polyethylene in the trash can

22. The storage area of ​​the garbage can is cleaned

23. Scraping the kitchen tile

24. Special tool for fat removal

25. Cleaning of the kitchen set inside and outside – (if you want this service, keep in mind that the furniture will be delivered to us free of charge)

26. Cleaning of the refrigerator (if you want this service, remember to get the furniture free of charge)

27. Cleaning the stove and removing grease from the outside and inside with special solutions

28. Cleaning the outside of the electric oven

29. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave oven

30. Removing dirt and grease from the walls (depending on the surface of the wall)

31. Dust removal from kitchen appliances 32. Faucet and sink cleaning, disinfection