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Cleaning the yard

Maintenance of a private house is not a very simple process – on the contrary, it is quite a laborious task. Forget the routine process – mycleaner’s professional team will clean your yard perfectly.

Cleaning company Cleaner.ge  offers yard cleaning.

Contact us: Tel:  +995 574 20 00 99     Email Mail:  info@cleaner.ge    Address:  N13, Gamrekeli str., Tbilisi

Services include:

1. Cleaning of the yard covered with marble or mud (if necessary, cleaning will be done using special solutions.)

  1. Asphalt yard cleaning, garbage removal;
  2. Collecting the leaves from the grass/lawn yard with a special “pick” or a vacuum cleaner;
  3. Garbage removal from the yard

– In case of long-term service, there is a discount.