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Cleaning after repair

Take advantage of the fastest, quality and in-depth post-repair cleaning service. After one of the most important but very tiring process, after renovation, your newly renovated house full of paint, cement and plaster will be cleaned by our professional team as soon as possible.

Cleaning company Cleaner.ge  offers post-repair cleaning.

Contact us: Tel:  +995 574 20 00 99     Email Mail:  info@cleaner.ge    Address:  N13, Gamrekeli str., Tbilisi

Services include:

  1. Post-construction and renovation dust removal from walls, floors and ceilings
  2. Removal of stains left by cement and plaster.
  3. Removing dried glue, paint and construction tape from windows, mirrors and furniture.
  4. Cleaning of floors, windows, windowsills stained by paint.
  5. Removal of fine construction waste and garbage. Heavy, more than 10 kilos of waste is not meant to be removed.
  6. Garbage collection in bags. Please note, we do not take away the collected garbage, it will require a car to take it away, which adds to the price accordingly.